Criminal Defence Law

Bulmer & Company believes that the law is there to protect an individuals rights, not the governments. We fully understand and respect that being charged with a crime is often a frightening experience for an individual, and even more so if this is a first experience with the justice system, and is often overwhelming.

There are many questions that may run through your mind

    • What effect will this have on my family?
    • What will people think of me?
    • Am I going to lose my job?
  • Fortunately, your life can go back to normal, however timing is of the essence. It is extremely important that you seek experienced legal representation or advice as quickly as possible. This will ensure that your rights under the legal system are fully explained to you and protected.

Dont’ wait to get help… experience is your best option

Legal Aid Accepted

All matters of criminal law covered including but not limited to…

    • Assaults
    • Domestic Assaults
    • Fraud
    • Murder
    • Drug Trafficking
    • Drug Possession
    • Sexual Assaults
    • Impaired Driving